Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scribbles and mouse ears

I've got some character design sheets for a character of mine called PF Bunny for you all today. PF is a pink furry bunny from the land of snugs and hugs that is used for King Velveteen's wetwork ops against the black hearted Grumps. Overall idea is carebears with guns.

Also, a random character in the style of the Dora brand.

Here in a couple weeks I have a new game coming to shelves that i get to announce that I am stupid excited about because instead of pixel work, I was a 3d artist for the first time in my gaming career. My degree was in 3d, but I've risen through the ranks of video game development as a 2d artist so havent gotten to add much to my 3d portfolio. As soon as the title is officially announced I will post some renders.

And, because I havent put them on here yet, a few samples of editing. The posts below are old submissions to the SATO48 hour film competition. Basically, you get the theme and a prop friday night, and you have to write, shoot and edit a 5 minute film to be turned in 48 hours later. The results are always silly, but its a great time.




And then finally a film I served on as editor and DP that will be a great indie zombie film when it finally wraps post production, the Dead Shall Rise, a film by the great director Matt Darst who also led up the Sato projects.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Nickelodeon DS Games on shelf!

The last batch of games I was lead artist on just hit store shelves this past week. Dora the Explorer Puppy, Backyardigans and Ni Hao Kai Lan all consumed a good 8 months of my life last year and I am proud to see them in stores. These make six titles I have worked together with the Nickelodeon team to develop and it never fails to be a good, its Nickelodeon so how could you go wrong?