Monday, May 14, 2012

Flea Market Weekends and Dead on the 101.

Things learned this weekend.
 1. Tow truck drivers are modern day philosphers.
 2. You can never have enough friends.
 3. You can only expect payment in kind.
 4. Firefighters and cops are woefully unhelpful out here, but random folk always surprise you.
5. My phone has learned to autocorrect/autofill tardi to TARDIS.
6. Fuel Pumps are far more expensive then it seems like they should be, but a truck needs one to run.
7. I need to know where the ice cream men get the Ninja Turtle ice cream treats.
8.  The Rose Bowl flea market is a place where people test drive new outfits.
9. One can never get enough done cuz there is always someone else far more interesting than you.

Also, I found these awesome insect women at the Flea market.  There was a Medusa in the set to, but she didnt strick me as cool.  Their only markings are CHINA as they are cheap rubber toys.  Anyone seen any more like these?


Bonus info, Ninja Turtle Ice Cream Treats are awesome and the only way to wrap up a day in Pasadena.

 Spotted at the fair in an unmanned booth, a rifle shaped, Chinese Film Camera.  Anyone have any idea what this is?  It was in a military crate, but that may have been just how they kept it and had no bearing on its use.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tock the Watchdog, from the Phantom Tollbooth. 3.5 hour study

This is a study of Tock the Watchdog from the childrens book, the Phantom Tollbooth.  Its an incredible book.  I had read it as a child and remembered how unusual it was so I went back to reread it.  I'm not sure if I will make a series of characters from the book, but they are rife for study.

Check out the livestream in two parts here:


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Electric Dreams

This is my longest study at 6 hours. It’s a still from the Cyberpunk classic Blade Runner.  I did this one at work while waiting for client feedback on a couple of my shots, so there is no live stream to accompany it.  I am extremely happy with how it turned out.  One of my goals was to push my style towards an oil paint aesthetic and away from the super clean edge feel that many digital paintings suffer from.  Feedback is always appreciated!