Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yeah, I know. Its getting redundant.  Holidays and whatnot.  I apologize, Geek Nation. I will be posting  frequently soon.

 I just finished up a contract with a swank group of folks out in Santa Monica that goes by the name of  Moyo Studios.  They were a great group to work with and I got to work in 3D, which was a nice break from my usual schedule of  Photoshop. I will give more info as soon as the game is officially announced.

I have a couple movie reviews to toss at you soon, so look forward to or wince in anticipation of depending on your disposition toward film critiques.

My good buddy Tyler Rhoads has given his pet project, the web comic Looking for More, a shot in the arm and has been blogging regularly the past several weeks.   If you notice the familiar Knights End logo on Kirks shirt or recognize the name from earlier blogs its because I worked on it initially but due to a habit of keeping to many irons in the fire wasn't able to give the project the attention it deserved. Although, I have to thank Tyler a great deal because it was this web comic project that spurned me on to work/hone my skills beyond simple professional interest, renewed my passion for art and set me on my quest for the perfect line (and caused the birth of this blog). Sorry, tangent.  LFM.    The scripts are fantastic and the initial art designs with the new artist looks great, so get excited about seeing it online soon.

Christmas was excellent this year. Lots of quality time with all of the family and everyone seemed to be full of holiday cheer despite a hard economy and high unemployment.  I got some incredible swag that just impressed the heck out of me.


A few of the highlights.  A Stay Puft piggy bank, Tron Legacy ornament, blade runner umbrella, some great Dr who related stuff (yes that is a Tardis drawn on a page from a 160 yr old Austrian dictionary), a tea set (shut up), duct tape wallet, charlie brown nativity scene, self gifted vintage Madballs and a signed copy of Clive Cusslers newest novel.  The Cussler book was a big surprise considering the person who purchased it for me didn't realize that I liked autographed books, nor that he was my favorite author up until I graduated college and discovered Neil Gaiman and Jim Butcher (Cussler is still pretty high on the list).

And last, because this is an art blog after all, here are a few items from recent art tests for your viewing pleasure. They were all to be done in the styles of other online games.  I would tell you the games, but if you can't tell at least two of them just by looking at them then I didn't do a very good job.




And, last last, random website that I stumbled upon today which belongs to a gent whose pixel artwork just blows me away.

Keep on having a great holiday week, fellow scribblers.