Monday, November 5, 2012

its monday morning, so that must mean I am trying to do stuff i should done this weekend.

  Just wanted to post a couple of new Looking For More strips that we have got up.  I should have posted this one here on Halloween, but it was up on the lookingformore site and thats the important bit.   The new place I am working at is a fan of 70+ hour weeks and only having Sunday as a day off, so havent had a lot of time to keep caught up on much.  Had a good couple of nights with friends for Halloween, going home for Thanksgiving here in a few so thats all a delight.  Got to have a casual conversation with Al Yankovic on Sunday (he goes to our church) and so the 10 year old nerd in me has been living on that high for the past 24 hours.  Plus, as a perk of working with movies, I got to see 10 minutes of an upcoming Sci fi epic based on a tv show from the 60's.  You know the one.  I'm pretty excited for the whole movie as this section looked pretty incredible.