Sunday, September 18, 2011

Excuses Excuses, Muppets and Bones

Yeah, I am lame.  No posts for months.  I can only assure you I have been creating artwork, but only for jobs that I cant share any cool pics from yet.  June and July brought a few storyboard projects from a Burbank movie studio working on a new action thriller.  I've no idea when the movie will be out, but I will be sure to plug it when it arrives.

The card series I have been working on is almost wrapping up.  I think they will start shipping after the new year, but you will definitely know when they do.  Its been a long time since I have been this excited about a project, so I hope it is received as well as I think it should be.  Its educational, entertaining and involves lots of exquisitely rendered characters, so there is no reason it shouldn't be a great success.  Again, once I can talk about it I am sure I will do nothing but.

The biggest news is I've got a gig working at Award winning visual effects studio, Look Effects.  These guys put the shine on Green Lantern, shield throwing special effects in Captain America, as well as cool little bits and pieces on Avatar, The Life Aquatic, Little Miss Sunshine, the Kings Speech.  Their biggest claim to faim is all of the awards and accolades they received for doing all of the effects work on Arranofsky's Black Swan.  All of the mind bending goose flesh, swan feathers and sensuously shifting tattoos were done by the guys I am sharing desk space with.  Its a very exciting time.

I am there as a digital compositor, working in AfterEffects and Nuke.  Currently I am working on a few final shots for the upcoming muppet movie cleverly entitled 'The Muppets'.  Its pretty awesome.  My inner child gets excited every time I sit down to work on a shot with Kermit the Frog or Fozzie Bear.

The studio also does some effects for a few television series.  One of my favorites was Pushing Daisies, but they also did the effects for Lost and currently Bones.  This coming week I get to add Bones to my resume as they have me working on some exciting gun effects.

So, there it is.  There will be some art up soon.  Maybe even some of my writing.  Who knows?!?  I make no promises.  I just got a new apartment in Sherman Oaks and next week my wife is finally joining me permanently out here in LA so I will be preoccupied for the upcoming week or two.

Godspeed fellow scribblers!