Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manticore Part2 Livestream

I went to ComicCon and have a big ole post to write up about it as well as some fun pics, but until then just check out another couple hours work on my Manticore on Livestream.

Well, okay.  One pic.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Sketch Snatch, the work of Massimo Carnevale

The current artist that I am stupid excited over goes by the name Massimo Carnevale.  As with many recent artists I have discovered, its due to the postings from geektyrant.  This guy takes frames from movies and paints em up in a more artistic manner.  The energy of his line work and the simple rendering are exceptional.  From what little info I have been able to find, the guy does a lot of comic book covers and I think this loose, gestural work is what he does to wind down. Anyway, I highly suggest checking out all of his work over on his blog.

 I'm heading to San Diego Comic Con this year, so expect a few posts about that soon. Until then, keep on scribbling.