Friday, December 28, 2012

All work and no play make jack a dull boy...

  Well, we all survived the Mayan Apocalypse.  I'm feeling pretty good, its like the 6th or 7th end of the world that I have managed to go through unruffled.  Seriously though, if elected officials had as much research done on them as these half-baked end of the world type scenarios, capital hill would be a much more efficient place.

don_turtlePie  Twinkies are no more, so the twinkie wiener sandwich is now an extinct culinary delight.  I think that is what the Mayans were talking about, the death of hostess. On a plus, all of the hostess news helped me remember an old TMNT treat, turtle pies. I am sure they were as delicious as they look.

  Currently, I'm working at a studio that converts regular movies into 3D extravaganzas! The work is great even if its not as exciting as building the shots from scratch like standard effects projects.  I'm working 12 to 14 hour days, 6 days a week so there is pretty much no movement on any projects of all. But on the plus side I am able to get my name into the credits of Jurassic Park.

  I did get ten days off for Christmas, so naturally there was a lot of sleep and wasting time involved.  I got some fun nerd gear, the high points being a stuffed Fozzie the bear from Mom and Karla, a beautiful Calabash pipe from Marshall and a couple of old ninja turtle masks from Rachel.

xmas 2012 haul
 During our time off, we went to Rachels grandparents in Houston since we hadnt seen them for a few years and, well, why not?  I cant say that Houston has been particularly astounding to me, but I have had a good time hanging out with her family. Her grandmother immediately won me over (again) by giving me a Donatello Pez dispenser and Real Ghostbusters StayPuft Marshmallow man from her random toy collection. Rachel decided to learn how to quilt from her Grandmother and in a moment of stupidity I challenged her by saying I would make a quilt as well.  It was a bluff designed to push her to finished product but I just aimed the barrel at my foot and pulled the trigger because it meant there was another project I would like to finish in 2013. Naturally, the patterns I found were TMNT and Doctor Who inspired.

donatello quilt 493TARDIS_Quilt_by_EHyde

Jim ButcherMy current obsession is autographed books, spurned on by meeting the incredible Jim Butcher at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in Redondo Beach, LA.  Since then I've gotten a couple Orson Scott Card, Palahniuk and shortly a few random authors from the urban paranormal fiction section. Butcher was signing copies of the new Dresden Files book entitled Cold Days.  If you aren't a Dresden Files fan, then I assume you ended up on this page because you were surfing for porn and one of my tags somehow was pulled into your query.  Anyhow, I asked him the important questions such as 'Who would play Molly Carpenter in a movie?' and 'Is Macs Pub a real place and if so can I have the address.'  I did not agree with his answer for the first question (silly creators thinking they know what their characters look like) and the answer to the second was 'No, so no.'

Groundbreaking investigative journalism.  I missed my calling.

  LFM hasnt moved in nearly two months.  Check out the last was leading in to actual story elements!  Naturally, thats when we stopped putting out fresh material.


  Anywho, hope you all had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!


  Remember, you still have a couple days to try and cram in those resolutions from last year, so get to work!

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