Monday, November 8, 2010

White noise

Sorry for the lack of content lately, ladies and germs.  I have been pretty booked up with Halloween happenings, contract work on a couple of Nintendo titles and a few art tests for a couple of studios in LA.  I've also had three new titles that I worked on hit the streets.  Two Sesame Street learning games hosted by Elmo and Cookie Monster and a Diego Mega Bloks title that I was the lead artist on.  Keep on sending those positive vibes my way, they are very much appreciated.  

I recently set up a twitter account in order to increase my online visibility, so check me out @KnightsEndFilms.  Also, today I found out that the Ex-High Geek of the blog Geek Orthadox, the man responsible for me embracing my inner nostalgia geek, has started a couple of new blogs.  Hey, check out my Art and Hey, check out my toys.  Check em out!

I have been taking much to long getting the purchase order together for the Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield gear purchase.  They have some grant money they are putting to spectacular use by getting enough gear to make sure the local indie and semi professional film makers never have an excuse for not having the right tools for the job.  A pair of Canon 7Ds with the works will make sure anyone can have the look of a million dollar movie for the low low price of a membership to the Alliance.  Check out their website here.  Membership and hourly rental fee for a week combined still wont cost you what it would take to rent this gear from any studio.

Well wishes to any of those fellow scribblers who are participating in National Novel month!  The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel by midnight on November 30th.  Unfortunately I have only been able to sit still long enough to put in about 200 words on mine, so I am hoping the last half of the month will have my muse pouring himself out via my keyboard.  Which reminds me, he has been tinkering with the idea of a video blog entry here.  I haven't decided yet if I want to free him on the populace of the internet.

A random note of pride.  This past Wednesday my mother finally got to watch Winters Bone.  I was unable to answer the phone when she called, but according to her message when she saw my name in the credits she was so giddy that she didn't realize she was crying until several moments after the fact when she noticed the tears tickling her cheeks.  Apparently seeing your son's name on a movie that came from Netflix instead of one of the ones he has burned himself makes the whole event far more real.  Either way mom, much love and thanks for the support.  

I leave you with this image, True Believers.  Follow its heed whatever your creative outlet may be.  If you don't, Batman will get you.

Batman wants you to do art!