Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random copies...

As I stated with my first post, the logic behind starting this blog was to see if its casual atmosphere would prompt me to post more work...which would mean I would have to work more to have something to post. The second reason to start it would be to centralize all of my favorite blogs so I didn't have to constantly update work or home computers so I could have access to them all whenever.

Well, the one blog I hit one blog more than any other. He has a passion for cartooning and the artistry behind it, he is a cartoon historian of sorts and the references and images he posts are beyond amazing. With the quick and easy styles a lot of cartoons have drifted toward, it is increasingly difficult to find a place to pick up tips and tricks from the original innovators of the craft rather than watered down fortune cookie sized standards that are easier to pass on.

Generally using classic references, there would be breakdowns and examples of how to make interesting and functional characters, not to mention little exercises to help ones general cartooning skill. I only found the cartoon class two weeks ago and the Preston Blair studies that I took from his site have already noticeably helped out my drawing skill.

So anyway, below are some of the Preston Blair drawings I did, plus a few other studies of various artist works. I can give names of the original artists of any of the work for those interested.

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