Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chances in Heaven

After taking far to long to get it put together, I finally have a trailer for the short film Rain in Hell ready for viewing.  Its a gritty mobster movie written by the talented Mickey Stone. I directed, shot, edited and special effected the short film...what I lack in production speed I make up for in end credits.  :)
  In all seriousness though, it has turned into a pretty spectacular short film. it had top notch acting talents all the way through.  Mickey and Nathan Shelton play the Hayes Brothers, enforcers for a local mob kingpin (played perfectly by Arlin Somers) who has recently passed away.  They know without the fear of the mob boss protecting them, the brothers are about to be in the cross-hairs of every mook out to make a name for themselves.  Also giving incredible performances were the exquisite Rachel Scott, the indomitable Allen Marsh, the brooding Shaun Young and an awe inspiring cast of supporting talent.
  I have to hand it to Mr. Stone for rounding up a superb group of musicians for the soundtrack.  Theolynn Carpenter and The Wardrobe Cathedral lent a couple of songs to our soundtrack.  Without a doubt her vocals have to be some of the most imposing I have heard in a very long time and the texture of their music adds an exceptional quality to the film.
  Beth Thompson also was kind enough to let us use a few of her works, providing an incredibly emotional undertone during a couple of key moments during the film.  You can check out the music video of one of the songs we used here.
  Last but not least Todd Anthony Mandieta lent us use of some powerful guitar work that sounds so natural and pervasive its hard to believe we shot the scenes without his music already in them.
  We are speaking with a gentleman in LA who regularly lends his talent to a few Fox television shows and feature films to compose the score for our feature.   I have been wanting to work on a project with him quite some time, but unfortunately I have never had a project get close enough to completion to get the chance.

There blogspot version of the trailer is only for those who want to scan it quickly, as the quality is terrible.  For a higher resolution and far more watchable version check it out on vimeo.

  For a full list of credits, check out the website

So, its on me to finish up the feature so we can share that as well.  I have a few special effects scenes to wrap up and then we can send it out into the world.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of it.

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