Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girls of 80's Animation Piece 1----Janine from the Real Ghostbusters!

Considering this is my second work ever in Painter I am incredibly happy with the results.  As I mentioned before I wanted to combine two things that I love, the classy Gil Elvgren style pin-up girls and the animation that I grew up with.  Let me know what you think!


Also, a couple of quick sketches.  A suddenly fearful flamingo, and a scribble of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory (which I will argue is the best sitcom currently on television).


  1. Ahmad and I agree with you about the Big Bang Theory. Good sketch of Sheldon but I think he looks too cheery. He doesn't really smile does he? Raj is my favorite but I am really enjoying the interaction between Sheldon and Amy although I still look at her and think of Blossom.

  2. Do more pinups! Totaly awesome:) I would by prints:) One suggestion. I don't know if it breaks the rules of the challenge but maybee working withing the color palette of classic pinups like more faded yellow, blue, reds. Love the fact that slimmer is the one making the situation possible.

  3. My original intent was to keep the traditional pinup color schemes, but considering how bright the characters are generally painted (it is for kids after all) it was hard to find a balance. However, for the others in the series I plan to make more of an effort...except the rainbow brite one, cuz, well, she is rainbow brite. If/when I get the series done I may offer prints, not a shabby idea.