Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Hello, Geek Nation.
  I am looking at you from tail end of the busiest week I have had since going full freelance.  A storyboard art test over the weekend, an art test for a game studio (hopefully I get the gig so I feel safe to mention which one), more trading card artwork and a contract for another kids DS game.  Its nice to have the work, but considering the past has taught me that they are usually followed by a long dry spell I just wish the jobs could pace themselves a bit.
  LA is still continually more interesting.  I am couch surfing with a friend while looking for a steady job, which is currently the lynchpin on which a apartment and my wife moving out here hinges upon.  So hopefully I will get that job ASAP.
  I came across a couple of interesting things today.  One is that R.L. Stine, the author of the wildly successful Goosebumps series of my youth, will be signing at the LA Times Literature Festival.  There will be over 100 authors there and admittance is free so I hope to get the hours free to check it out.
Read more about the event here:

Also, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is coming up and they have a nifty intro video up on vimeo.  I recommend checking it out.

favorite tool

Lastly, I will be going back to Springfield for a week from May 6th through the 13th so hopefully I will see a few of you while I am in town.

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