Friday, February 26, 2010

A weekend in Wine Country...with Zombies!

This past weekend the wife and I, along with two other filmmaker couples that are great friends of ours, all went to Hermann, Mo for their Wine and Chocolate tour. Now, I realize that when you think of Missouri, wine is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, due to the ridiculously heavy german populations that settled along the Missouri river in Herman back in the day, that area is a veritible cornicopia of vineyards. The self guided tour itself consisted of 7 of the areas largest vineyards, with a free glass of wine and chocolate delight at each. Then, as is the marketing genius, once you have finished with your gratis goodies, then you can go on to sample all of the other wines they have to offer.

Now, I am generally far more of a beer connoisseur, give me a micro-brewed stout or doppel bock and I am a happy guy. But after a weekend where I sampled over a hundred different types of wine, I definitely developed a taste for it and, as they surely wisely expected, we came home with ten bottles of the stuff.

The town itself is pretty amazing. Lots of old world charm mixed with turn of the century architecture. While the eateries leave a heckuva lot to be desired (avoid the 'oldest continually operating bar west of the Mississippi' unless you like steak that tastes like cigarette ash), the bed and breakfasts were beyond belief. The one we stayed at was absolutely incredible. The Inn at Hermannhof was in a reasonable price range and the cottage we rented with our friends was as cozy and romantic as you could get. We were in Weinert Haus, Teresas Room as the rooms all had names and not numbers. Gas fireplaces in every room, four post beds, incredible showers and free wine. A Glorious nights sleep and highly recommended.

The weekend was finished up with the drive home during which we watched Zombieland in the vans little flip down lcd. Aint technology grand.

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