Saturday, May 14, 2011

Icollector sale of things I want but never would need.

Once every couple of months I torture myself with thoughts of what I would do with an unlimited bank account and a large display room.  This month has a ridiculous treasure trove of screen gems up for auction.
Chitty chitty
Road worthy Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cryptkeeper on his throne.
star wars story
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Storyboard pages.
identity disk
Tron Identity Disk
tron guard
Tron Gladiator Costume
starcraft shuttle
Full scale shuttlecraft from Star Trek Enterprise
golden calf
This one seems like a bad idea to keep in your house.  The golden Calf from the Ten Commandments.
Chamberlin Skessis head from Dark Crystal.
Gozer costume from the first Ghostbusters
Watcher from Big Trouble in Little China.
puppet master
Reanimation Syringe kit from Puppet Master.
chain saw
Chain Saw victim from 2004 Dawn of the Dead.
Complete Raphael costume from TMNT Secret of the Ooze.
Gremlin Puppet.
Robocop Costume.
Star Trek TNG Phaser.

Plus it looks like Tim Burton and the Walking Dead special effects teams cleaned out their closets and put in lots of stop mstion puppets and zombie makeups.  If you have the free time or the cash (most of the things I wanted started bidding at three grand) then check it out.
Icollector Auction Page

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