Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Study -- 20 minute landscape

I'm trying to work in more studies into my daily routine in order to bolster my foundations.  Part of that will be working on speed painting in order to increase my overall effectiveness.  I obviously need to work on my speed since this was only supposed to be a 10 minute study and ended up at 20 minute.


I've been using David Rapoza and Dan Warren's livestreams to listen too and add guidance to my studies.  They have created Bloodsport challenges designed to give people projects to add to their portfolio that are modeled after real world assignments.

 They've also set up a Deathline blog which is a long term goal strategy for freelance artists.  You post what your goals are, daily progress, socialization with other Deathline artists and a Significant Other system to have you set up with a fellow artist to act as a partner, critic and coach.

  Its a great idea, so I am hoping to be able to participate in some of their Bloodsport challenges (even if I dont complete them until after the turn in date).

Keep scribbling, Geek Nation!

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