Friday, March 9, 2018

Red Markets---Aberrants---Scarecrow

Another of the zombie classes that I illustrated for the Red Markets RPG, the Scarecrow. Part of the blight, the zombie virus, creates sinews of necrotic diseased flesh as it courses through the victims system. Sometimes however, the sinews tear through the flesh of their host. In the rare case a casualties sinew roots it to the ground, crucifying it upon its own Blight. The root like growths can radiate out, turning the area around it into a minefield of thorny black vines, ready to burst forth, ensnare and drain any creature with the misfortune of passing near. Entire enclaves have had to be evacuated as the roots of a scarecrow have dug under their crops and fortifications. 

For this one I went for some Struzan inspired, designerly clouds that in the end, Im not entirely sure they worked. I also set the Scarecrow in a patch of earth I spent far to much time rooted to. It seemed far creepier to be set within a heavily developed area instead of a remote rural spot.

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