Friday, October 12, 2012

Looking for more, the legend continues.

For that long time reader out there, you may recognize the title 'Looking for more'.  It was a webcomic that my good buddy Tyler Rhoads started penning back in 2008.  He asked me to draw it as I think i was the only kid he knew at the time who could draw things with recognizable things.  I said sure, cuz how hard can drawing cartoons be?

It sucks you guys.

It launched me on my path to become a better artist, became the impetus to starting this blog and in an odd sort of way makes me feel a more complete person now.

Of course, up until long Comic Con conversations this summer (four years after we decided to start the strip in a weekly fashion) the sketches for the first couple strips lay discarded and dusty in the back rooms of my hard drive.  A few months later and issue 8 just hit the web, hot and fresh.  Its hard to draw decent cartoon figures that show true emotion.  I salute Mr. Shultz and Mr. Davis for creating such icons and leave an offering at the alter of Mr. Watterson for the most impressive and emotional 5 color comic strip in history.

You can see my art style on the characters changing as the strip progresses even thus far, so its hard telling what these guys will look like a year from now.  But enjoy...or dont...but saturate your eye holes with em.









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