Thursday, October 11, 2012

The dr and the girl who waited.

Since I was a little Clarvae, my favorite television show has been Doctor Who. It aired friday nights from ten to midnight on PBS (Channel 19 if you are a KC kid).  It was the one night of the week I could stay up till I couldnt stay awake.  Mom would make a giant bowl of popcorn and would sit and croquet while Dad and Karla would sit for two hours adventuring around space and time inside the TARDIS.  I watched the entire run from Partick Troughton thru Sylvester McCoy that way and it is still one of the most profound memories.  I had dreams of the old control room and (since I was also a Ghostbusters fanatic) of chasing ghosts with my proton pack through the Cloister room.  Another profound memory was of my frustration at trying to talk about this incredible show with the kids on the playground and them not having any idea what I was going on about.

These newer Who's are wonderful even though I am slightly annoyed that its such a phenomenon now that its no longer a select group of nerds talking about sonic screwdrivers but the most commonly seen cosplay at the past several comic book conventions I've gone to. Yeah, thats right. I went hipster on Doctor Who cuz I was into it when it was still really the states.


Anyhow, the girl who waited and The 11th done by the talented Chris Uminga.


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