Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perodia Card 2

Here is a description of the project from one of the head honchos.

Perodia is a multi-media game universe in which humans and Elees (creatures based on the Periodic Table of Elements) live together in peace... most of the time...

MegaPickle Entertainment is a virtual studio which, since 2010, has been developing an RPG video game, alongside a supporting Trading Card Game which exists in both physical and virtual online forms. More than just fun and educational (thought it's both of those), Perodia inspires gamers to learn!

With no offense to Pokemon, imagine if all the Pokemon game stats that kids have memorized actually helped them improve their grades and ignited a passion for science, boys and girls alike!

Well that's what we've got, and we're trying to raise extra funding for additional priniting and marketing.

Perodia already has a US & Canada retail distribution deal with Canada's largest distributor of TCG games, with a target shipping date of September 2012 to coincide with the new school semester.

The following are links to our Youtube and Facebook pages :
b. Facebook:

Please have a look at our project, and see if it moves you. We are very excited about it and would like to see it get the help that it needs.

Thank you very kindly!

Here is the second card I worked on, Frozeen.

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