Saturday, June 2, 2012

Perodia kickstarter

I warned you that this storm was coming.

A  year ago I was lucky enough to score a place on the art team for a collectible trading card game. This is a card game similar to Pokemon but with one significant difference, ITS EDUCATIONAL! Yeah, thats right, instead of knowing charizords combat strength you have monsters fighting using combo attacks that teach kids about the periodic table and chemical equations. I spent a year creating artwork with no payment up front because I believe so much in the quality and purpose of this game. They've put together a kickstarter campaign to help them over the final production hurdles. Check out the page and even if you dont want to contribute, check out some of the coolness of that artwork at the beginning of the video. ;)

To further promote this game (and to show off a bit of work I am terribly proud of) I will be showing some of the card art over the next couple of months.  First up is the splash page art.  The top is the final cropped and logo'd version, followed by the unlogo'd version and then below that an earlier draft featuring a couple of the children characters that will be featured in various aspects of the game and storyline.  Enjoy!

Perodia Splash page artwork

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