Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perodia Character art, Card 1

Here was my first assignment for the Perodia set, Helio.  He comes from a noble family.  Admittedly, he was designed by someone else in 3D, as I would never have come up with this design on my own.  I had been looking for an excuse to work on my digital painting abilities for years, and the chance to work on this card set with incredible ideals was perfect.  Although I have no kids yet, it seems that most of kids entertainment has strayed very far from the educational, moral instilling entertainment that I remembered as a kid (even GI Joe had 'knowledge is power' segment) and I wanted to bring it back. The entertaining way this card set easily teaches kids about chemistry was an remarkable idea, so I wanted to help out any way I could to see to its success.

Bear in mind, my paint skills are pretty rusty at the point I painted this guy.  Enjoy!

Also, check out the Perodia kickstarter to help this set make it through the final stages of production!

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